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For decades, water treatment companies have used high pressure sales tactics as their sales model.  This sales technique is so engrained in the industry, that many companies refuse to give it up.  At Vista Water Conditioning, LLC we refuse to usde high pressure sales and instead, take a different approach, a “Comprehensive Approach” to providing water treatment solutions to our clients.

Healthy Water is Part of a Healthy Life

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water
Our reverse osmosis drinking water system is compact, affordable and provides your family with the highest quality water possible, free of many contaminants. Don’t you and your family deserve the best?

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About Us

Your Arizona Water Treatment Experts

Vista Water Conditioning, llc is a full service, AZ LICENSED water treatment company (ROC #308212). We focus our business on providing our clients with exactly what they need, professionally installed at a competitive price. Our business model is centered around our 5 step comprehensive approach to water treatment (see below)

Step 1: Water analysis. The promise of a water analysis has been used by water treatment companies for decades as an opportunity to “sell”. At Vista Water, we actually do a real water analysis. We have to know what’s in your water before we can treat it.

Step 2: Understanding YOUR needs. We want to know what characteristics about your water you would like changed. Is it Scale? Smell? Taste? or something else? We’re focused on treating the symptoms you’re concerned with.

Step 3: Sizing equipment correctly. We accomplish this by doing a in-depth survey of your home and water usage. The best equipment, improperly sized, with give you less than desirable results.

Step 4: Attaining a clear installation picture. At Vista Water, we are professional contractors and understand the importance of a well planned, efficient installation. Our expertise allows us to ACCURATELY estimate the installation costs and provide you with a cost effective quote for your specific system. Other companies send salesmen to do this job, and with no experience in plumbing, they use pre-planned system pricing which almost always means you pay more than you should..

Step 5: Written Quote. Once we review all the information, we’ll leave you with a written quote for a water treatment solution designed specifically for you and your home. Our quotes are valid for 30 days, so take the time you need to make the decision that is right for you, your family and your budget.

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Our Mission

At Vista Water Conditioning, LLC customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business. We offer the highest quality water treatment systems available, professionally installed and backed by extensive warranties.

We may not be the first water treatment company you call, but chances are, we’ll be the last.

Dan Tenorio, Manager

What We Do

Water Softeners

Water Softeners

The performance of a water softener is dependent on two key components; a resin bed that cleans the water and the precision computerized valve that monitors and operates the system.

The resin tank: contains media called resin. The resin attracts and collects minerals from hard water. Once the resin is saturated with hardness minerals it must be cleaned and regenerated. Once regenerated, the resin is ready to remove more minerals from the water. All of our systems contain carbon to remove chlorine found in our municipal water supplies.

The control valve: routes the water flow through the system and controls the operating cycle. Hard water passes through the resin bed to become soft. During regeneration, water flow is reversed to clean the resin bed. Brine is pulled in and then rinsed out to regenerate the resin, preparing it to soften more water. Our twin tank water softeners are more efficient than traditional single tank systems. You and your loved ones will enjoy soft, chlorine free water 24/7 . Call today and find out why our twin tank systems are best suited for our desert environment.

The brine tank: stores salt and water to make brine which is used for regenerating the resin. Resin can be regenerated with sodium from salt or potassium from potassium chloride.

Salt Free Conditioners

Salt Free Water Conditioning

Whole House Physical Water Processing System
Salt free water conditioning has come a long way in the last decade. We carry systems that remove chlorine and address the effects of hard water without removing the minerals from your water. Best of all, these systems use  NO-Electricity, NO-Drain Line, NO-Wasted Water, No-Moving Parts and NO-Salt.

Call today to find out more about this amazing technology and see if it’s right for you!

Drinking Water Systems / Reverse Osmosis

Drinking Water Systems / Reverse Osmosis

Natural essence of water refreshes and satisfies; but today’s water is often flawed by organic matter or chlorine taste and odor. Your body is 75% water, the water we drink and cook with should be of the highest quality. Don’t you want the best for your family?

Each system utilizes a 4-stage filtration system; particles are trapped in a micro-membrane that filters water to the molecular level as well as optional remineralization.

ROSYSTEM_IMAGE1Our reverse osmosis drinking water system reduces contaminants and turns tap water into clean, clear refreshing water for better health – all for only pennies per day. A 4-stage system filters water to the molecular level; the result, healthier better tasting water.

  • Delicious clean, clear, water-on demand.
  • Up to 99% contaminants removed.
  • NSF Certified for reduction of many contaminants including Cysts, Lead and Radium.
  • Reverse osmosis system
  • Comes with attractive faucet
  • Compact design can be installed in multiple locations.
  • Environmentally sound water treatment
  • Cost effective, Convenient; fresh clean water ready at your tap – no more bottled water.

Our drinking water system is professionally installed, and is available through Vista Water Conditioning, LLC.

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